PLENTY can be defined as the state of having enough, or more than enough, an inner state of deep contentment. PILLARS OF PLENTY is based on the idea that we all need to work on our very own set of PILLARS to be able to get to and support the state of balance, stability, and ease.

Here, you will learn about mine.

"Within two hours we learned to love yoga, to do a handstand, and to better deal mentally and physically with our PhDs! Mirjam is a great teacher: professional and inspirational."

-Research group in development economics, ETH Zürich, research retreat 2017

Hi, I’m Mirjam

I grew up in a small and tight-knit family where philosophy, psychology and religion were discussed at every dinner. When I decided to study law, I definitely left my comfort zone. It gave me a different perspective of the world and an opportunity to learn and practice public speaking. The journey into the body was sparked by my teachers Patrick Creelman and Rinat Perlman in Hong Kong, where I lived for over four years. I studied the practice of WildLotus, a version of the old tradition that bridged my intellectual background with a strong physical practice that focuses on form and embodies transformation. A spiritual practice, but deeply practical. I'm mentored by Elena Brower, the teacher that inspired me most on all things off the mat, such as caring for and valuing myself.

I'm a mother of two girls and a boy, a public speaker and a teacher of yoga, mindfulness and motherhood in various events, workshops, festivals and teacher trainings. I'm deeply invested in the relevance of yoga and the practice of mindfulness in our everyday life: physically, emotionally and spiritually.